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this is must watch!!
09 Apr 2017
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Brands!! It's not important than you

by iExpert 16. November 2016 17:54

Is this branded? Which brand?, have you heard this before yes!, I am talking about question which everyone want to say yes proudly and say the brand name, right from clothes, shoes, accessories , phones are everything you use everyday life. Somehow our social presence has been defined by the brand of cloth or accessories we use in our life, no wonder that is completely associated with the kind of money you have and everybody cannot afford to have upscale lifestyle with popular expensive brand which we use. My question is does really using branded or expensive clothes or accessories really define what you are or they are three just to brag and take an attention.

Let take a small example of kids going to the school, school can have all kind of kind coming from low or moderate income families and some from wealthy reach families. We have seen so many parent want give their kids best of everything and they buy them expensive brand cloth from ralph Lauren or shoes from Nike or some other expensive brands but they forget that there are some kids those who are coming from low to moderate income they really cannot afford to buy these kind of lifestyle, yes they still want to give best to their kids but simple they cannot. Have you ever though that what must taking those kids when they are along with kids who are wearing these famous brands and teasing them about not having it. Think of the inferiority complex these kid might face and long term effect on their mind which makes them feel dominated, I have heard some stories like kids give up going school thinking that they are embarrassed in front of other kids who are wearing very expensive branded cloth. Is this something we want to teach our kids right from their childhood? Is this the way we are creating huge valley between them and teaching those differences which we have created our self. Instead of teaching them that we all are same irrespective of anything we have. Just think.

Another point over here is , Is this branded cloths or other accessories are really worth the price they come for , why they are overprice is they want to make their brand exclusive to some class of people. I can give you another example from any corporate office and when we are dealing with another colleague in day today basis, if you entered in meeting where you are driving it and you are having best of the branded cloth, it definitely create some kind of inferiority complex in your mind which will drag you down. I must say that everybody must have gone through this once or other time.

Don’t get me wrong I am not taking that wearing or using branded things are bad but we should judge ourselves from other that what kind of brands they are using and why cannot afford it, instead go for smart shopping look for good deals and try to get what you can afford without being too crazy about comparing yourself with other on the basis of brand recognition, Also when you are buying for your kids just think once about the fellow kids who are going to join them in school.

So when you shop next time, think twice!!! What is more important? You or your brand.

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