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Special Mention of “Special Effects”

by ExpertBlogger 4. March 2016 11:54

I was watching one sci-fi film day ago and I remembered my days when I used to watch very few movies in month, yes that was 20 years back.  I started thinking in back of my mind that how this entertainment industry has been changed over the years. Everything has been so much improved the content the actors and mostly the special effect. I remember when I used to see a movie and if there is scene of someone disappearing then it was jaw dropping or something like someone flying then we used to cheer for it also I think it much be nightmare for the director to shoot that scene even blasting cars or jumping from heights and all other cool stuff which we see everyday life in today’s movies, which used to hard in back in days but in spite of that we used to love those movies and still we cherish it.

Today we see everything which is dazzling, right from showing galaxies, spacecraft and even the car crashing it has been improved so much we can see very incredible story telling due to marvelous background score and dazzling special effect. Just think of any James Camron film without special effect would not have been record breaker for years. He has used the special effect to put realness in the story telling as well as showing the depth of emotions attached with any scene and more or less the impact in implacable and he did great job.

But again when we see every movie having lots and lots of special effect, I started thinking that is the real cinema is missing somewhere, are people are every much rely on special effect or they know that they can archive this stuff by clicking some mouse on computer screen then they did not even bother to try it in real world. Some time they exaggerate those thing beyond imagination that we start taking everything for granted that yes this is fake.

Murphy’s law “Too much of anything is bad”, this is the same way if film makers started using these kind of special effect in each and every movie. I must say if this continues then the day is not far when we stop believing that there could be good movies where we can see life, where we can see real people communicating, we can see love or even in sci-fi we can the thing which are real and human can simply relate to film.


My thinking might be to rational but if you love cinema and you really want to see good cinema is future then we should simply pass the message that we are ready for special effect but not ONLY that.