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International Breeze of Regional Entertainment

by ExpertBlogger 18. March 2016 17:42

There was time when you ask someone that when the last time you have watched regional cinema is and their response was eehhh, may be couple of year back. This was the situation couple of years back now when you see people discussing about regional cinema, regional television series then it come as surprise. Many regional cinemas have proved themselves to the intestinal category and they have gain the popularity across the globe. 

We are not talking about the regional cinema in south because it was at that caliber since long time but if you talk about other language regional cinema like Marathi, Gujrati or even Punjabi those movies are being well made and people are watching them even international critics are giving good response. So we started analysis that what would have change in those cinema industry so that they have gain much popularity. Were there no good cinema was mad before or were there no good director existed before than now? Was the population of that particular group has been grown? The simple answer is no everything is same then what exactly change for this kind of revolution in regional entertainment.

The pure and simple answer is the acceptance of people. The regional people started accepting these cinemas and they started believing that in our industry also they can make good film. In all industries everything started with spark that one movie get big recognition then people start watching those kind of cinema in Marathi industry it started with film Shwaas and then the trend continues 

Currently there are so many films in regional cinema which are far better than popular films just because the subject and quality these movies can deliver  but only thing lack is the procedures are still not the level where they can spend huge amount of money also the star cast and film futurity is pretty small as compare to other film industries , Regional cinemas usp is there content which multimillion dollar movies cannot even think or dare to make cinemas or do the experiment people are doing in regional cinemas because they cannot afford to lose money rather they make films for money, rest the quality cinema come from regional category not even the cinema but the event and televisions series are making their big records that now people are started recreating them in there language today’s world regional cinema is getting much more recognition at all level but not making those kind of money simply because limited viewer base. This will be obvious that they will not make money like other Hindi cinema simply because of viewer base but when more and more people start watching these cinemas then they will definitely get commercial success only thing should not happen that if people are accepting these films then directors or procedure should not take viewer for granted and deliver us same kind of cinema as we have seen or one who did not accept. Regional people always look at regional cinema close to their heart.

Kudos to all for delivering quality cinema which we can cherish.