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Trendy Trailers & Conjecture Reviews

by SuperUser 4. February 2016 17:09

We have seen many people who are always decide whether to watch movie or not depending on whether they like trailer or did it have good review from people or critics or newspaper or someone else, really cinema need to judge by 2 min trailer or a review from someone who do not even know. 

Let’s talk about trailer, if you decide to watch or not to watch cinema depending on the trailer and What if trailer is not good and not make by the person who has created movie and he did bad job or trailer is not reachable or something else then are you going to judge or garbage that film just because trailer is not good? Is the 2 odd hrs. of cinema is entirely get its charm for 2 mins, if the film genre is suspense thriller then film makers really have very less content to show in trailer because they don’t want to give anything in trailer, on other hands if film has good songs then makers put song clips all other trailer. I am not saying trailer is completely wrong but they are meant to give glimpse of cinema not to judge wheatear film is good or bad. Film is good or bad is different for each and every one depending on his or her own personality 

Now let’s talk about review, there are many review website, videos, critics who does reviews for all kinds of movie some time they are right some time they are not, Many time reviewers are biased about some actors , director or so called production house, oh! Yes don’t forget about official sponsors they have to talk good about the movie, so whatever reviews you are getting are they right for you. I think they are definitely not because the basic thing which is different in entire mankind is the reaction to the emotions, sense of humor, test of topic and particular the genre of movies. It is not necessary the film or test the reviewer has you have the same, I can tell you many movies which has got bad or worst reviews but I have enjoyed those movies because I like that genre. 

I have decided from now onwards if you are really film jerk and want to see some quality movies then please don’t judge the movie from the 2 min trailer or the reviews done by someone who has little bit more knowledge of films than you. It is always relative, it is always personal preference so if you have missed some of the movies because of those less stars then think again you might have missed something which might not be great or good but still you will like it.